The Adventure Diaries

I said ‘yes’, but not before I thought, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’.

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Mid-life MOT

On the back of my son turning 7 the other day, I started thinking about my own age-markers. I have a theory, and the theory is: whilst kids go through puberty, and they’re awkward and slightly lost in their minds and bodies for a few years before the dust settles… women have their own kind […]

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‘Ugh, this sucks.’ My reaction was quite telling when I dropped my iPhone off at the shop to be repaired. The audio was constantly failing and it was crashing (all that built-in obsolescence that had become the bain of the first world’s existence). They said it would take a week. ‘Um, how long?’ ‘A week. Or […]


A dream

It is mild, but the chill sits quietly beneath the air as it touches our faces. We had been walking for what seemed like hours, and yet we weren’t tired. I remember feeling as though we were searching for something, but content that we hadn’t found it yet. The fields– stretching out around me in […]

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(We are) More

I was having a discussion with a friend a few weeks ago, and we touched on a lot of popular and important (to us) subjects, some of them being the whole Weinstein reveal, the #metoo conversation, and then all roads inevitably led to the subject of ‘being a feminist nowadays’, and what feminism means to […]

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I was listening to a song on the radio this morning, and I was convinced it was Florence + The Machine (whom I adore); that voice that wails and grinds against convention, the voice that sounds like our generation’s Grace Slick. Turns out, it was actually Alice Merton (‘No Roots’), and it reminded me that […]


That thing you do.

Hey. I’m back. I took a bit of a break from this blog because I felt compelled to edit my novel; I edited it with a ferocity that became unhealthy, which isn’t good for anything, really. I had no social life, my husband (albeit supportive) was wondering why my face constantly reminded him of a character […]

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